Across New Hampshire and Beyond

What is BEST?

improving student learning in partnership with research towards large-scale change

BEST is a dynamic group of teachers and leaders in four New Hampshire school districts (Laconia, Rochester, Sanborn and Souhegan), the New Hampshire Learning Initiative (NHLI), the Center for Innovation in Education (CIE), the New Hampshire Department of Education, Knowledge Works and JFF (Jobs for the Future) with funding from the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation.

Task Development Teams
Task development teams work to create and pilot performance assessment tasks with embedded essential skills in classrooms feeding vital information and insights back to the project.

SAU   8 – Concord
SAU 16 – Exeter, Brentwood, Kensington, East Kingston, Newfields, and Stratham
SAU 17 – Sanborn*
SAU 23 – Woodsville, Haverhill
SAU 24 – Henniker
SAU 29- Chesterfield, Harrisville, Keene, Marlborough, Marlow, Nelson and Westmoreland
SAU 39 – Souhegan*
SAU 43 – Newport
SAU 30- Laconia*
SAU 54 – Rochester*

* WSP Study School Districts

Teacher Leads
Teachers leads are part of the on-the-ground implementation and research efforts. They ensure that task work is being coordinated in their schools and act as key promoters and facilitators for data collection.

Cathy Baylus, Laconia
Angel Burke, Laconia
Kathy Cotton, Rochester
Kelly Gray, Rochester
Donna Harvey, Sanborn
Patricia Haynes, Sanborn
Brittany Lombardo, Sanborn
Chris Longo, Laconia
Jessica Tremblay, Souhegan
Nicole Woulfe, Sanborn

The leadership team is not too proud to ask for help when it is clear that additional expertise is needed to support practice change, communication and research needs of the project. These folks have been lifesavers.

Ann Hadwen, Social Studies Content Expert
Carisa Carrow, Center for Collaborative Education
Eric Toshalis, KnowledgeWorks
Wendy Surr, American Institutes for Research

Guiding Team
Organizational partnerships are nothing without actual people making the work happen. These folks make sure that the rubber hits the road and goes.

Mariane Gfroerer (NHLI)
Ellen Hume-Howard (NHLI)
Paul Leather (CIE)
Felicia Sullivan (JFF)
Kathy White (Souhegan HS & NHLI)
Jonathan Vander Els (NHLI)